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Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision



Since September 2015, the Governors and Academy staff have been working as a group to develop a Vision for the future of Bexleyheath Academy.    Our Vision is to inspire and enable every child to reach their full potential.  We want all students to have a real sense of pride through their achievements both academic and non-academic.  

Following two years of being the most popular non-selective school/academy in the borough of Bexley, to meet this increasing demand we increased our admission number from 300 to 330 to allow more students to join our BA family.  However, we are not complacent and have now created a dynamic curriculum to include specialising in the Arts and the creation of a 14-19 Professional Skills Centre.  

We will continue to offer high quality teaching and learning, celebrating our outstanding practice particularly in English, Drama, Music, Media Arts.  We will be introducing dance in September, including a gifted and talented dance troop.  We are really excited that the Rose Bruford College, which some of you may know is soon to become the first University in the Borough, has agreed to be a strategic partner to support our students in providing enrichment and progression pathways in the Arts.  Our Professional Skills Centre will enable us to expand our provision at level 3 to include additional business related programmes such as Retail and Customer services to meet student demand and the needs of the wider community. 

We will use our expertise in the Arts to provide additional support and challenge across all subject areas to enable engaging and exciting activities for all learners.  We will also be focussing on developing further opportunities for our Most Able students through our Academic Excellence Programme.

In order to realise our Vision and achieve our desired Strategic Aims, the Academy needs to deliver the following: 

  • Continued financial viability.
  • The recruitment, development and retention of high calibre staff.
  • The provision of a first-class learning environment for our students in which they can develop to their full potential.
  • All members of the Bexleyheath community to be fully aware of the Academy’s aims, progress against plans and key developments which may affect groups or individuals.
  • The achievement of outstanding student outcomes.
  • To use our specialism in the Arts, to shine a bright BA light on today’s children, to identify and nurture the artistically skilled individuals with creative expertise for tomorrow’s world. 


We launched our House System in January and have already begun to plan a series of cross-curricular competitions to create a further sense of belonging within the BA family.  We have used the framework of CARES to demonstrate our commitment to our family ethos and values; Creativity, Aspiration, Resilience, Empathy and Scholarship.  This will promote a clear and consistent whole Academy ethos for students and staff alike bringing together all aspects of our learning community.  Over the next few months we will be showcasing our best practice at various events to include a formal launch of our Arts specialism and a special awards evening for those students and staff who have demonstrated our CARES values.

We will continue to update you as our exciting journey unfolds.


Governors & Staff of Bexleyheath Academy