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Online Safety

e-Safe Learning

Our vision is to help all our stakeholders, particularly our students, safely maximise the benefits emerging technology is bringing to us all in the digital age. We are developing our students digital literacy, and that of our staff, parents, Governors and wider community We have a dedicated email and our Academy Lead in this vital area, is always happy to be of help. 

Like it or not, parents have to guide their children through the emotional and physical issues of growing up in an age where “Digital Media” is the norm and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This can be quite daunting if you are not entirely confident with the technology.

We suggest you: -

  • Think about how you guide your family in the real world and how you can do the same in the digital world - this will help;

  • Try technologies your child enjoys and talk to friends and family about how they manage their children's digital lives - this will help;

  • Remind older siblings that websites they use may not be suitable for younger brothers and sisters and make digital issues part of everyday conversation;

  • When you discuss issues, don't forget to include the online aspects and ask your children whether the issues they face are different online and offline - or how they work together to complicate their lives;

  • Set boundaries and rules and talk to your child about their online reputation.


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