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Options - KS4

The Key Stage 4 Options Evening for Year 9 will take place on  Thursday 15th March.

The Key Stage 4 Options Booklet and Options Form have been made available for guidance prior to the Options Evening on Thursday 15th March.

Please note, the information provided is subject to change. 

Information to help you consider your options can be found in our Year 9 Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance pages.

If you require any further information at this early stage, please contact Mrs Silvester (Director of Curriculum and Timetabling) at

2018 Options booklet
Key Stage 4 Options 2018

Current Year 11 QAN codes can be seen below. (Current Year 10 QAN codes will be uploaded once formalised)
Course Awarding Body/QAN Code
GCSE English AQA 601/4292/3
GCSE Core Science Edexcel 600/0772/2
GCSE Additional Science Edexcel 600/0798/9
GCSE Triple Science
   GCSE Biology
   GCSE Chemistry
   GCSE Physics

Edexcel 600/0770/9
Edexcel 600/0799/0
Edexcel 600/0771/0
GCSE French AQA 500/4470/9
GCSE Spanish AQA 500/4480/1
GCSE German AQA 500/4427/8
GCSE Geography A AQA 600/6067/0
GCSE History Edexcel 500/4433/08
GCSE Art and Design Edexcel 500/4521/0
GCSE Sociology OCR 500/4557/X
BTEC Level 2 First Award in Heath & Social Care Edexcel 600/4782/3
BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Sport Edexcel 600/4779/3
GCSE Media Studies AQA 500/4425/4
GCSE Film Studies WJEC 500/3690/7
GCSE Food and Nutrition WJEC 500/4399/7
GCSE Drama OCR 500/4394/8
GCSE Music OCR 500/4554/4
BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Information and Creative Technology Edexcel 600/4789/6
GCSE Computing OCR 500/8291/7
GCSE Religious Studies AQA 500/4568/4
GCSE Citizenship OCR 500/8291/7
BTEC Level 1/2 First Award in Business Studies Edexcel 600/4786/0
GCSE Design Technology Product Design AQA 500/4481/3
GCSE Engineering AQA 500/4600/7
BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Horticulture Edexcel 501/0122/5
GCSE Catering / Hospitality AQA 500/4462/X