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Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge - Reflection                                                                            March 2018

My name is Sindy Suh and I am in Year 10. I recently took part in the Jack Petchey Speak out Challenge representing the Academy at the regional finals which took place at Trinity School.

Upon arrival, I was very nervous and worried about my speech which was to occur later that night but I was escorted there by the lovely and kind Mrs. Drew, who tried calming down my nerves by giving me advice and boosting my confidence, which worked.

At Trinity School, we did a mini workshop, whereby we had to do the opening and ending of our speech to fellow contestants while the Jack Petchey supervisor (Mrs. Gloria) gave us constructive feedback to help us for later that night. I was picked to go first which was nerve-racking but I did it and she gave me feedback which was to slow down and take pauses, then I had to do it again and I nailed it. I found the workshop very helpful as I was very relaxed and composed after it and I was ready to do my speech.

After the workshop, we were given lunch, interacted with the other competitors and got to know each other better.

At 6:45, I took the stage and did my speech. I had done it. I was very happy and pleased with my performance and just had to wait for the judges responses. Although, I didn't win, I felt like a winner because I had got that far and my support team were as proud of me and that, in its own, was a win for me. I want to say a massive, massive thank you to Mrs. Mack-Poole for supporting me and helping me; she guided me and believed in me through it all.

Doing Jack Petchey Speak out Challenge didn’t only increase my confidence and help my public speaking, it made me realise that you win some, you lose some. It’s not always about winning, it’s about learning from different experiences in life and boy, did I learn a lot.

The Future's Bright at BA and ellenor                                                                                             March 2018

Two of our wonderful Sixth Form, Azeezat Adesoji and Smriti Gurung have completed an Exploring a Career in Care Placement with ellenor hospice. The two each committed one evening per week volunteering on the ward at the ellenor Gravesend hospice for six months, gaining both a valuable certificate in care that will help them to pursue their dream careers - whether that be a nurse, paramedic or even neuro-scientist - and the valuable experience of working in a hospice.

Azeezat described her time spent there as "eye-opening and a real privilege because, as teenagers we don’t get to see and experience things like that but I’m so glad that I did it. I have learnt so much about myself. It’s extremely gratifying and I’m now far more informed about prolonging life.“
Smriti added that the "experience was extremely rewarding. The one to one levels of care is much more hands on than I thought it would be and, although it was nerve-wracking to start, you get good closure with the patients as well.” 

ellenor Chief Executive Claire Cardy was "immensely proud" to present the youngsters with their certificates, and said: "We hope that we have provided the experiences that will help you in your careers by having exposure to the work we do. These memories will stay with you for the rest of your lives." Congratulations to you both. If you would like to know more about the courses and placements at ellenor, get in touch with education@ellenor.orgCredit for article:

Luke Cripps - Sports Relief UK Torch Relay                                                                                   March 2018

Whilst many of us see our New Year resolutions fall by the wayside, one of our wonderful students has stayed firmly on track and has succeeded in running 52 miles (the equivalent of 4 half marathons) for Sports Relief in the month of February, alone.

BT finished the UK Torch Relay Run, in which Luke Cripps had been participating, on Friday 2nd March. The wider press and BT Sport were in attendance and they specifically requested Luke's presence so that he could collect an award and be part of the wider celebrations for Sports Relief.


He has been absolutely amazing and has raised over £700 so far by running in the evenings and even during the recent half term. A BT Group management team had been so impressed with his exploits and determination, that they have decided to present him with an award to mark his achievement in the pursuit of helping others - he is a credit to both his family and the Academy.


In light of the closure of the Academy at the start of the month, due to inclement weather, we are even more thrilled to hear that one of our own will not be resting on his laurels and will be representing Bexleyheath Academy by attending this event.


Luke participated in the final part of the event which entailed running the Torch into BT HQ with Senior BT Managers with the BBC filming and Luke will appear on BBC sport relief on March 23.

Should you wish to contribute to this fantastic cause, please feel free to click on the link below. 


Message from the Head of Academy                                                                                                December 2017

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the new Head of Academy from January 2018. I would like to say what a privilege it is to be leading Bexleyheath Academy. It is my belief this is a school with a very bright future.

Having taught for 18 years and being a parent myself, I fully appreciate how important a child's education is towards preparing them for life and have seen great potential on my visits so far. I am looking forward to continuing the good work already started by John Szynal and staff at Bexleyheath. I have already been very impressed with the dedication of our staff, the ambition and desire to learn of students and the support of families and governors. It is clear all the ingredients are in place to make rapid and significant improvement in all areas of the Academy.

As Headteacher at St Edwards Church of England School, I was part of the team that has led the school to achieve much improved GCSE results. Previously to that I was Deputy Headteacher at Seven Kings School, which is amongst the highest performing schools in the country and at Kingsford Community School, a high achieving school in the heart of Newham, pioneering in the teaching of Mandarin to all students and dedicated to offering unique life changing opportunities to its students.  

When I was offered this job, I made it clear I am determined in ensuring this Academy becomes set to offer a first class education for all. I remain unwavering in that belief. Last year at St Edwards Church of England School we achieved a positive Progress 8 for the first time on record. We challenged our students to believe that there was nothing that they could not achieve, that anything for them was possible.

Under my leadership I will share the values of hard work and discipline, a culture of high expectation and belief in limitless possibilities to the students, staff and community at Bexleyheath. This will remain an inclusive Academy, but we will instil confidence and self-belief. Our students deserve to go to an Academy that believes all children should have access to life changing opportunities. You can also expect the school to introduce a greater academic rigour to the curriculum. There will be greater expectations of behaviour and academic success placed on each and every one of our students– no exceptions.

Education, is of the utmost importance to the young people we teach. It can be the starting point to a very different life trajectory. With your support, we must do all we can to significantly improve the life chances of our young people, starting today.

I very much look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you all.

Dan Steel

Head of Academy

Students improve road safety                                                                                                           November 2017

Road safety has always been a major concern for our students and neighbouring residents along Woolwich Road and, having recently experienced a few ‘near-misses’ whereby some of our students have narrowly escaped serious injury from speeding drivers, we wanted to take direct action. Our GCSE Citizenship class elected to raise the awareness of road safety among our students by creating a PSHEE lesson for all tutor groups to encourage students not to use their phones when crossing the road. Part of our qualification for GCSE Citizenship required us to engage with the community directly to make a positive impact and sustain a change that will benefit the wider community. Our class conducted primary and secondary research to help build our case and gather support for having Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) installed: we interviewed local residents to get their feedback; petitioned in the Broadway and ran an online campaign – in total gaining over 1000 signatures. We presented our ideas and suggestions to a member of the Bexley Traffic Team, Mark Bunting who was kind enough to meet with us to discuss our request. We are pleased to announce that our hard work paid off as we successfully gained a SID  on the corner of Woolwich Road and Russell Close to alert drivers of their speed to help reduce the dangers for all road users. 

We are looking forward to future positive engagement with the community to give back to society to make it a safer, healthier and more inclusive community for everyone. We would like to thank the BA Parent Forum (for the purchase of our banners), the local community who engaged with us and signed our petition, students of Bexleyheath Academy, Senior Leadership Team, our Executive Principal, Mr. Szynal, the staff and of course Mr Faci, our Citizenship teacher for all their hard work and support. 

Year 11 GCSE Citizenship Team      Read more here at the NewsShopper's site. 

Summer Results round-up                                                                                                                August 2017

For the eleventh year in a row, Bexleyheath Academy's Sixth Form outcomes have seen record results secured once again this year. Vice Principal Mark Lewis was delighted with the results and said “Many congratulations to all Sixth Form students at Bexleyheath Academy. We have for the third year in succession seen an improvement in the grades of our Most Able students and a higher overall pass rate. (A*-A, 53%, A*-B, 65.8%, A*-C 83.9% inc. equivalencies)  It’s been an absolute delight to share student successes and their excitement at their future prospects as many look forward to University, Apprenticeships, Gap years and employment. My thanks to all students for their hard work and perseverance, to the sixth form team for their guidance and leadership of the provision and our wonderful teaching staff. To our parents, I would also like to offer thanks for engagement with the Academy and being there in the background to guide and nurture." Whilst a number of students did exceptionally well, notable successes include Dolanay Hussein with 4 D*s, Hamzo Mahamud with 3 D*s and Hillary Simpson with A*BB, progressing to the University of Warwick to study Law. In reflecting on her time at the Academy, Hillary said “The Academy has supported me on my academic journey and the guidance that they have given me since I arrived here to undertake my A-Levels has been brilliant. I now look forward to my next steps studying Law and will remember the Academy fondly for the opportunities I have been given.” We wish the aforementioned and indeed all our students the very best in their next steps becoming citizens of the world.

ns are also to go to our Year 11 students for all of their hard work and effort leading up to this year's results.  We are incredibly proud of our students and of the progress they have made at the Academy.  Thank you to our dedicated staff and parents who have supported our students throughout their studies. Mr Mark Lewis (Vice Principal) said “I am so pleased with all of the hard work that the staff and students have put in to achieve these results and we look forward to continuing to work with families as students progress on to their sixth form destinations.”Our top female students were Ruby Moore, Grace Masters and Jaspreet Virdi with our top male students being Bobby Kane-Fearn, George Allen and Toby Smith. Ruby achieved four A* grades, two As, one 9, one 8, one 7 and a Distinction* whilst Grace achieved three A* grades, two As, two 9s, one 8, one Distinction* and one Merit.  We wish all of our students the very best as they embark on the next steps in their education and future.


Kent Teacher of The Year winner 2017                                                                                          25th May 2017

We are incredibly proud to present the newly crowned Kent Secondary Teacher of the Year as our very own, Mr Stuart Yeates. Stuart has been with us since 2002 and has always worked tirelessly for the students at Bexleyheath Academy. Not only is he an inspirational, diligent and outstanding Lead Practitioner; his infectious attitude and collaborative skills have contributed to him being one of the most respected and personable members of our staff to students, parents and staff alike. 

His contributions to and his organisation of myriad whole school productions continue to be immense; the amount of time he dedicates to these can only be classed as immeasurable: this is a highly deserved accolade indeed.

"Mr Yeates is the reason that I started playing music. During my time in the school he has helped me to develop my passion for music into becoming a performer myself, rather than a listener. Since then my confidence has grown, without his guidance, I would not be the person I am today. Without his support and the self-belief that he instills in the students I would not have performed in a band, or become Deputy Head Boy. Mr Yeates is an inspiration to all of us and always gives his all when it comes to the Academy. On behalf of everyone, I would like to say thank you to Mr Yeates; the music department wouldn't be the same without him." Jake Storey, Year 12 🎸

On Thursday 29th June, he is using this new found celebrity to open the new LIDL store.

Read more here at the NewsShopper's site.


Bexley Public Speaking Competition winners 2017                                                                      21st Feb 2017

It is with great pride and pleasure to announce that Ashar Magoba, Andrew Rowland and Megan Rowland from Year 12 have been crowned the winners of the prestigious Bexley Public Speaking Competition for 2017.

We would like to add that - in the 23 years this competition has been held - it is the first time a non-selective school in the Borough of Bexley has won... 

The cup is currently being engraved and will soon be on display in the Council Offices for all to see this fine achievement. 

Many congratulations to our wonderful students and special thanks to the staff and the parents for coming to support the students in this fantastic achievement. 

 Toby Jones, actor speaks to BA                                                                                                     24th Nov 2016

Furthermore on Thursday 24th November, we were also very pleased to be able to welcome Toby Jones, the distinguished stage, television, radio and film actor to the Academy. Most renowned for playing Truman Capote in the biopic Infamous (2006), Dr. Arnim Zola in the Captain America films and voicing the much-loved Dobby in the Harry Potter franchise, Toby spent the afternoon with us answering questions posed by a select group of students about his experiences in the industry. He was engaging and animated in answering everything from 'what inspired you to become an actor' and 'who is your greatest influence' to the more searching 'what's the most difficult role you have taken on.' Toby tackled everything thrown at him, with the poise and candour one would expect from a respected character actor. Drawing on his wide ranging career, he offered advice about all walks of life: career goals, interviews, fame and the need for privacy from the public gaze. He was also very happy to meet with students afterwards for the now expected cavalcade of selfies and posed pictures, but let's be honest - who wouldn't.


Chris Riddell and th3rd Bexley Primary Schools Poetry Competition Final                              23rd Nov 2016

No, this is not a Harry Potter spin-off but we have gone a bit magical over the last few days. Chris Riddell, Children's Laureate, author, illustrator, Observer cartoonist, was with us for the whole day on Wednesday. He gave illustrative demonstrations to each class whilst offering his insights into the worlds of animation and his influences. After a long yet fruitful day, he also kindly agreed to present the awards with The Worshipful the Mayor of the London Borough of Bexley, Councillor Eileen Pallen as we once again hosted the 3rd Bexley Primary Schools Poetry Final. The competition was open to all year 5 and 6 students that attend the borough's primary schools (we received over 450 poems from the schools that participated) and the standard of submissions was extremely high indeed. But, there could be only one winner and this year's honour went to Grace Cutler from Normandy Primary School whose poem Child in Care was incredibly moving and mature. Chris sketched his interpretations of each poem as they were read out by the students and all were given their exclusive and personal sketch at the end as well as a limited edition book donated by Chris.




Civic Celebration of student achievement     21st Oct 2016 

 It was with great pleasure to report that two of our students attended a presentation last night for Student Achievement.  Mrs Tracey Boswell nominated two students from her year group of Year 10 for their different achievements and we are pleased to say that they were both awarded recognition for their efforts. Henry Fenton was praised for his role as Executive Student Council Representative, Police Cadet and for being an excellent role model in the Academy with Lucy Rowland being applauded for being a Sports Leader, an ambassador for the Academy CARES gold award and an excellent role model for academic achievement. Congratulations to you both.                        

Emily Guest(s) at London Fashion Week       19th Sept 2016
 Emily Guest from Year 13 was selected for the Fashion Futures Final, after undertaking ten weeks of practical workshops with Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD) before presenting her finished toiles and portfolios to a panel of industry experts. Emily and the selected finalists, chosen from over 100 entrants, then spent five days with FAD mentors at The University of East London creating their garments for the London catwalkIt was the detail of the french knots decorating Emily’s garment that impressed the jury panel the most, but they also admired the fit of the trousers. The judges also loved Emily’s sketchbooks and the final illustrations.


Cambodia Expedition Trip 2017 Update  5th Oct 2016            The students have been working hard this month to get fundraising underway for their 28 day expedition to help the local communities in Cambodia. Andrew and Remi have launched and are running the Cambodian Café in the sixth form centre.  They have already raised £100 towards the cause - so far.Trudie and Laura have also been working hard organising the Year 7 Christmas Disco on 25th November 2016. Poppy and Holly have started the fortnightly teachers' bonus ball competition which will also raise funds for our cause.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

 Founders4Schools Special Award                          26th Sept 2016  Beckie Knight-Croft was presented with a special award by Founders4Schools and Lord Holmes of Richmond to recognise the enterprising work she has achieved in arranging Careers Fairs to inspire young people about the jobs of tomorrow. Beckie introduced F4S as to how she ran a Careers Networking Event for 300 Year 8 and Year 10 students using the format of ‘speed networking’ where small groups of students rotate to speak to 10 employers within the hour who answer student’s questions about careers. F4S would now like to encourage schools from across the country to take up this approach. Beckie pictured here with Guy Rigby, from Smith & Williamson and  Lord Holmes of Richmond.