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Judo in PE

posted 25 Sep 2014, 01:16 by . WebResources Account
On Wednesday 24 September, the PE department was lucky to be joined all day by an expert in Judo from AMA (Darren Hawney). First he started off with a light warm up to get the students going, he then introduced what judo is to the students and explained that it is more about grappling than punching and kicking. Next he started demonstrating some basic moves such as simple take-downs and then moved on to holding moves such as the scarf-hold.

After that, he began on teach the students how to break their fall which involves sticking your right or left hand out so that when you fall your hand will land first and protect other parts of your body from getting hurt.

Finally, he told the students to do a 10 second session of how to keep their opponents on the floor and how to prevent counter movements. Also, they learnt a Japanese word called "hajime" which means go.

He allowed two students to demonstrate in front of the class, their names are Nial Roberts and Lewis Cabble.

One year 8 student when asked what she thought of the judo lesson, said "It was really good and she would like a club to run within the school."

Tobi Ogunniran and Arjan Phull