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Jack McKay's WW2 Film

posted 19 Sep 2014, 06:03 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 30 Sep 2014, 05:37 ]
Below is an e-mail from our very own Jack McKay which was sent to Mr Wakefield.

Hello Mr. Wakefield

This Sunday I will be making the biggest film project of my life. It's had over a years planning and over £7,000 of my own money invested into this film. It's about WW2 and the idea started in 2012 when my friend and I had little than £20 to spare. We initially planned to make a small film about two soldiers who have been deserted and they meet and talk etc.

However, after I founded my militaria business I became more ambitious. I decided I would put more effort into this film but my friend and I were completely stuck for ideas. We kept shelving idea upon idea, but one day, after I had randomly clicked the Youtube video for an Italian song called "Bella Ciao", the idea came to me. I envisaged the whole film before my eyes.

Since that day, we have created something beautiful, a 30+ page screenplay depicting a film which will most likely last about one hour. We have gone from having nothing, to having a "full" cast (12 people), uniforms for all of them (only the best, but I thank my business for this). Blank (and section 1 live firing) firing sub-machine guns, rifles, equipment and pyrotechnics, microphones lights and excellent film cameras. Willing volunteers to do make up and special effects and plenty of Hollywood blood. The film will entirely be in German and Italian and everyone has learned their respective lines and characters well. I am extremely excited about this large scale film.

Okay, it may not be massive £30,000,000 film. But for me it is giant. I can't wait until we finish filming and produce this film.

It will be a testimony to the triumph of Determination and Willpower. I hoped you enjoyed reading this email.

I have attached a photograph of the uniform and haircut I will be sporting as a German officer in the film, it was taken with a 1937 Leica Camera (which would have been used by the Wehrmacht).