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Natural History Museum Trip

posted 9 Apr 2014, 13:11 by . WebResources Account
On the 13 February 2014, the Geography department took 45 Year 9 students to the Natural History Museum as a reward trip for their continuing effort and progress in lessons.

Firstly, we browsed the 'Red Zone' where we discovered the natural forces that shape our planet. We learnt all about the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD where a hot river of gas and rock engulfed Pompeii and its inhabitants. The museum displays casts of people and animals in their final positions as they tried to protect themselves.

Next, to support our topic on 'Ecosystems' we learnt about a range of animals, past and present, and their adaptations. This included the awesome life size model of a blue whale, which can reach up to 30m in length!

A trip to the museum would not be complete without a look at the dinosaur section. We explored 160 million years of the dinosaur era, viewing the skeletons and models which was certainly brought to life with a terrifying T-Rex.

The students had a fantastic time and showed model behaviour throughout. Well done Year 9!

Mrs L Pieenar