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Pi Day!

posted 25 Mar 2014, 01:28 by . WebResources Account
On Friday 14 March, the Mathematics department celebrated Pi day (3.14), this is how the date is written in the USA and Canada. We had a Pi day challenge during lunchtime in which students had to learn Pi to as many places as possible and recite this from memory. All participants received a pie for entering and also a certificate.
This year we had 16 contestants ranging from years 7 to 11. Our judges were two Year 13 A level Maths students; Cemile Sarafat and Harjinder Virdee, who together with Miss Smith and Mr Mackie, made sure the event ran smoothly.

Each student stood in front of our judges and recited Pi, from memory, to as many places as they could recall.
The results this year were record breaking. We had 6 students who achieved a total of more than 30 decimal places (I don’t know how they do it)! The 3 runners up were:

Charlie Seary - 37, Jacob O’Brien - 36 and Zalanda Shinwarie- 35.

1st Aleksandrs Solovjovs    7RHS    111 places
2nd Harry Lockhart            7THS     63 places
3rd Taylor Keleghar            8SHY    51 places

A remarkable set of results!!! Since Pi day, Aleksandrs has gone on to repeat this performance in front of all the staff and in a Year 7 assembly; wow!!
Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to the entire Maths department for your support.

Mrs Kaye Crook
Numeracy coordinator