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Primary Transition - Maths, English & Science activities

posted 5 Aug 2013, 08:46 by Google Google   [ updated 5 Aug 2013, 08:47 ]
Fun Transition Day

On Wednesday 20th June, Kaye Crook, Val Selby and Chloe Vines took over 50 of our prospective Year 7 students for a Fun Maths Morning. The students made origami cubes, geometric shapes with straws and pipe cleaners and blew bubbles through them and used symmetry to make their own flags. The students had a great time and can’t wait to start here in September.

English/Maths Transition Morning with Upland Primary School
The entire Year 6 from Upland Primary School came in for the morning of Thursday 21st June to work with Adam Church, Rebecca Allan-Smith, Paul Faci and Sarah-Jane Yates for taster lessons in English (creative writing) and Maths (probability activities/thinking activity games). The students had a great morning and said that they are looking forward to starting in September. The morning ended with a rousing cheer for all the teachers involved.

Science Transition Day
On Friday 22nd June Terry Packham and Tracey Faulkner led two highly enjoyable, practical Science workshops for our prospective year 7s. The students carried out a series of exciting experiments, some involving bangs and bubbling dry ice which the students loved! Not only was this an opportunity to do some practical experiments but it gave them some time to meet each other and make new friends before starting here in September. Thank you to Terry and Tracey for such a fun, successful and well organised day!

Here are some of the comments we received from the students after each day:
“I feel better about starting in September because the pupils and teachers were so friendly.”
“I have made new friends with the other people who are coming in September.”
“I learnt how to make a cool cube in Maths.”
“I now know some more people and adults which has built up my confidence.”

Comments from the accompanying teachers included that it was valuable for the students to understand what they may expect in Year 7, that it had greatly impacted on the students’ confidence about transferring to secondary school and that our students who helped during the day were a credit to us and were very polite and helpful. Once again a ‘Very Big Thank You’ to all that helped to make the days a success including all those behind the scenes, Nic Hudson for arranging the room changes, all the reception/office staff who fielded the enquiries and sent letters, Jane Hope for covering the teachers involved and Kate Frith for organising this with me and keeping me sane!

Jo Williamson and Kate Frith