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'Pro Arts' Team Visit

posted 27 Feb 2014, 03:06 by . WebResources Account
The business department was delighted to receive a team from the ‘Pro Arts’ company on Tuesday 25 February. Mike, Tash and Jonathan delivered a session to Year 10 Business students which was focused on gaining employment. The students took part in various activities which included mock interviews and budgeting and communication exercises. Here are the experiences of some of the students involved in the session:

‘Yesterday I learned that when you’re in a job interview you need to make eye contact and act like you really want the job. Also you should say positive things about yourself and convince the employer why you should be picked for the job and not anyone else. Try not to say bad things about yourself, however don’t lie e.g. “I can be quite bossy; however that makes me a great leader."'
Ogezi Chinda, Year 10

‘When we were reviewing the mock interviews I noticed that my peers used words like "erm" and "um", we discussed whether using these words would make you look less professional and less likely to get the job’
Adam Sexton, Year 10

‘We learned the structure of a CV and the ways to word phrases which make them seem more acceptable for the context of the job’
Hannah Rega, Year 10

Ms N O'Hare