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Skye Johnson on the Disney Channel

posted 7 Oct 2013, 03:05 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 7 Oct 2013, 03:47 ]

Skye Johnson, a Year 8 Student at Bexleyheath Academy auditioned for an advert on Disney Channel. Here's what happened:

"Yesterday was so much fun! We had to wake up really early so that we could get there on time. Once we got there, we had to try on lots of summery outfits to see which ones fitted, then we got our hair and makeup done. After all this we started shooting. Everyone I met there was really nice. I made really good friends with everyone. There were five boys and five girls. We all shot different scenes with different props, such as inflatable guitars and dolphins! I even got to eat some ice cream.
I had so much fun shooting with everyone, I really want to do it all again!
I can’t wait to see it on TV.

Thank you for the opportunity, love from Skye"

- Skye Johnson