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The National Enterprise Challenge

posted 16 Dec 2014, 09:14 by . WebResources Account
On 14 November, I and the Year 13 events management team organised the event of ‘The National Enterprise Challenge’, with the winners having the great opportunity to go to Alton Towers to pitch their idea.

The day was a huge success, with the Year 9 students thoroughly enjoying the day, as they worked in teams of six to achieve victory. The atmosphere was highly competitive with students knowing what a great prize was a stake.

The National Enterprise Challenge team arrived at the academy at 8:00am greeted by the events management team with the event commencing at 9:10am, the team quickly set about organising the upstairs hall to accommodate the students. The team quickly took on responsibility of organising tables and chairs, laptop provision for the big screen and amp and microphones. At 9.10am 150 students arrived in the upstairs hall excited for the day ahead, and what happened did not disappoint.

During the course of the day the events organisers ensured smooth running of the event providing hospitality for the visiting delegates, facilitating the students through the challenge, organising and distributing materials to the students and helping out wherever they could.

The groups were assigned a challenge to create a new ride to be added to Alton Towers and where put through a series of tasks including creating a story line, carrying out marketing and adopting a target market for their ride and producing financial projections on how much their ride would cost. It quickly become apparent that picking one group to go through to the final would be difficult as all of the groups work was outstanding.

As the day progressed, the judges whittled down the finalists into eight groups of Year 9. The groups then were made to present their ideas in front of their peers, and in front of three judges.

There could be only one winner! The winning team was ‘Emily’, and they were Isabel Hamblett, Charlotte Feller, Ellie Small and Grace Butler; their ride had a horror theme, which the judges were really intrigued by, and as a result, they will be going to Alton towers on 8th July 2015 to represent Bexleyheath Academy in this national competition! Theo Pathitis, Dragons Den will be in attendance!

The day was very tiring, but very rewarding, for the event’s organisers, and the excellent year 9 students, who were a privilege to work alongside.

We look forward to the final next year and we wish the Year 9 students all the best of luck hoping that ‘Emily’ will be the judge’s favourites at Alton Towers.

Aaran Gedhu
Head Boy