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Thinking Skills Days 21st and 22nd January

posted 24 Jan 2014, 06:26 by . WebResources Account
Some of our more able students in years 8-10 were lucky enough to be able to spend a day this week improving their ‘brain power’ with the help of independent specialist, Mr Les Padfield.

They spent the day working in small groups to solve a variety of puzzles, such as how to last for an hour before being rescued from a blazing desert island, armed with only a few materials e.g. a Bible and some matches. They also worked on mathematics and English quizzes and made group presentations to the whole class, including an advertising launch for a new product from Year 8 and a short scene from Shakespeare from Years 9 and 10. Year 8 were particularly impressed by Les’ ability to apparently read minds and just could not work out how he could be so accurate.

The feedback from the students afterwards was very positive and they all thoroughly enjoyed a chance to engage in something challenging and different from ordinary lessons. Hopefully they will all remember his concluding message- “Use it, don’t lose it” and will try to use their different talents to the best of their abilities