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Tobi Alabi visit to Bexleyheath Academy

posted 3 Feb 2014, 10:30 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 3 Feb 2014, 10:40 ]
Tobi came into Bexleyheath Academy in a bid to encourage more students to take part in the C-R-Y Screening program that is being run on 11th and 12th February at Bexleyheath Academy. He told his very moving story:

Former Millwall player Tobi Alabi had to quit football last month after collapsing on the pitch. Tobi Alabi had grown up playing football since the age of five. It was all he ever wanted to do, and he had put all his focus and determination into the game. Sadly his career was stopped abruptly at the age of 20.

Tobi is now turning his attention into helping people with similar conditions as him. He believes more scans and tests should be carried out from an earlier age.
Tobi had previously suffered numerous dizzy spells, and other health worries, but they had been dismissed as dehydration or asthma. He kept on pursuing his dream, but that dream nearly took his life away. In his own words he has spent 'every single minute of his life' set on playing football.

On the 15th October whilst playing in a friendly for Metropolitan Police he collapsed on the pitch. Luckily Tobi was not unconscious for too long, and he quickly came round. He was later diagnosed with a heart condition in hospital. Tobi was inconsolable, all he had wanted to do was play football. He never imagined that his career would end at 20, and in non-league football. Before being told officially, Tobi knew that he could no longer pursue his career in football. The case of Fabrice Muamba in 2012 brought great attention to heart conditions within football. Tobi Alabi wants to continue helping further the awareness of the problem. Tobi has wasted no time in turning his attention towards this. Whilst he doesn't know what he plans to do as a career now, he is determined to help others avoid what he has been through.

Tobi wants footballers from as young as 14 to have yearly heart scans and test screenings. He believes they need to find out if they have any health problems as young as possible. Aged 14 you still have time to focus on your education and career, if football is not possible. By the time you're 20, you may have missed numerous other opportunities in life.

The former Millwall player has released a video online, detailing what happened to him, and giving an insight into his thoughts at the time. Tobi is throwing all his weight behind this campaign, and hopes the video can bring more attention to this area. Whilst Muamba's story gathered a lot of attention, there is still not enough being done.

Please, if you have some spare time, watch Tobi Alabi's video on YouTube "My Story". A very moving video, and a very brave one for Tobi to film. It is certainly worth a watch, and once done so, spread the word.