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Energy Month

posted 24 Nov 2014, 02:55 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 24 Nov 2014, 02:55 ]
Another Eco Schools 'Energy month' campaign is about to start. The Eco Angels have already been busy painting a banner and putting up posters around our academy. 

This week, the Eco Angels are going to be about at lunchtime talking to other students and staff about energy types (fossil, nuclear etc) and how easy it is to save energy in school and at home for a sticker to show they have taken part in this very important campaign.

The Eco Angels will also conduct an after school audit to see what staff are leaving on their IWB and other electrical appliances in their rooms, if unattended. Staff will receive a polite note in their pigeonhole to remind them to switch off. An audit the following week after school will be conducted to see if electrical appliances are being switched off and there is a marked improvement. Good practice switching off appliances needs to be constant. Students will also be comparing how much energy is being used this year in comparison to last year.

There will also be recycled textiles products for Christmas presents made by the students on sale in reception at lunchtime from the 17 November to promote energy.

Students and staff can logon to and write a blog about what they are doing for 'Energy month' at home or at school. There are plenty of games and activities for students and teachers to use and enjoy.

We are still eagerly collecting textiles products and paired clean shoes for Science in Schools. The textiles and shoes are converted into points depending on the weight of the collection. The points gained can be used to buy new science equipment. Many thanks to the staff that have already kindly donated towards the collection, every item counts.

We are also still collecting used ink cartridges for charity. These should be stored in their original packaging and in a recyclable bag. The cartridges are to go in the box in the pigeonhole room.

SWAC (Schools Waste Action Club-Bexley recycling) will be coming in to do assemblies to promote energy and have many activities on offer to help with recycling in all subjects. Please contact Miss Matthes for more information for the timetable of events to promote your subject. SWAC are also working with London Refuse Network to collect bulky unwanted items such as furniture and electrical appliances for a charity for reuse. If you are interested in using this service, visit, call 02031428506 or bring items to Bexley's reuse and recycling centres.

We are also going to be introducing new little bins for plastic packaging and food tins and drink cans. These can also be used for the canteen and kitchens. Please do not contaminate the waste by putting food waste in there.

All students are welcome to join Eco schools club. For more information, contact Miss Matthes T1.6.

Many thanks for all the support from everyone. Go green!!

Mrs C Matthes