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Waste Week

posted 2 Apr 2014, 04:59 by . WebResources Account
The Eco Angels and Miss C Matthes have been very busy with Waste Week for Eco Schools this year. Students have been busy talking to peers and teachers about waste and explaining it is not hard to prevent waste and what to do with waste we do not need anymore, and avoiding waste going to landfi ll. The Eco Angels gave out stickers to peers and teachers if they got questions right about waste. We have signed up with a company to recycle our ink cartridges and batteries for charity. We are also looking to work with a company that recycle chewing gum into new products.

Students signed pledges and made improvements at home and at the Academy spreading all the good work we do. Many classes of Year 7 created posters relating to waste and put them up around the Academy and the Eco Angels designed and made a textile banner for Waste week too out of recycled fabric. Textile products have been collected from staff and parents to recycle for Science into Schools.

Miss C Matthes ran projects with Year 9 to make new interior and clothing products from old textile products. Year 12 made accessories that had recycled materials and fabrics. The canteen have been doing their bit with food waste too. There were many lesson plans to use on the website for teachers and positive lessons were taught. The School Waste Action Club from Bexley Recycling (SWAC) delivered an assembly regarding Waste to Year 8 and they learnt about all types of recycling. Mrs V Parkes had the SWAC come to deliver Love Food Hate Waste in her lesson.

So Waste week was not a waste of time, many learnt something and had good fun too.

Miss C Matthes and the Eco Angels