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Workshops for Academically Able Students

posted 28 Apr 2014, 01:50 by . WebResources Account
In the first week back after Easter, we welcomed back independent specialist Mr Les Padfield to work with some of our more academically able students.

On Tuesday 22 April, Year 10 students engaged in a wide variety of activities to improve their examination techniques and revision skills, as well as some general thinking skills exercises. With only a year to go until their final GCSE examinations, they are realising how important this is and appreciated the advice they were given on how to improve their actual examination performance.

On Thursday 24 April, Year 7 students enjoyed sessions designed to improve their literacy and numeracy skills, as well as exercises to develop their team work and communication skills. As the photographs show, they particularly enjoyed working in teams to create the tallest newspaper towers. They all managed to build tall towers but were not so successful in stopping them from collapsing!

Mrs Boswell, Mrs Bristow and Mrs Worboys were on hand to help and to observe their year groups in action. Feedback on the students’ behaviour has been extremely positive, as expected, and the students found the sessions useful and enjoyable. Josh Clements in Year 10 noted that the revision techniques, such as using mnemonics, were particularly valuable.

Mrs C Dray
Gifted and Talented Lead Teacher