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Year 11 Interact Entertainment Evening

posted 2 Feb 2014, 13:42 by . WebResources Account
I am pleased to congratulate our Year 11 Rotary Interact members: Jason Heer, Nathan Attard, George Uren-Stephenson, Brett Boyer, Bradley Smith, Jasvir Neta, Tom Nowell, and Jared Basley on a highly successful and well coordinated fundraising event. With a superb fork buffet from Stephen Redpath, Cuccina; drama performances from our Sixth Form and Key Stage Four students; and goosebump arousing musical performances from Mr Stuart Yaetes and his music students, the Interact students conducted themselves with a sense of pride as they ‘worked the crowd’.

In December, the Intearct Club assisted the Bexley Rotary in their Annual Christmas Float Collections. Mr Malcom Fox, Chairman of the Community Service for Bexley Rotary presented the students with a cheque for a portion of the funds collected. Mr Ken Perry, Chairman of the New Generation Committee (Youth Activities) for Bexley Rotary, accompanied by Mr Brian Rippington and Mrs Brenda Kemp who have continued to support our group presented our group with a significant monetary donation to our club to go towards charitable groups at our disposal.

The evening was a huge success. We had representation from Bexley Rotary Club, BA Parent Forum, Senior Leadership Team and of course our student body. The Interact students felt a sense of sophistication and importance as they waited on our guests at the buffet provided by Cuccina. The talent pool among our students who performed on the night added to the huge success.

Thank you to all of the members of our local community who helped us deliver a high quality fundraising event.

Paul Faci
Interact Leader