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Year 11 students from Bexleyheath Academy rescue an 81 year-old who had fall at her home

posted 5 Aug 2013, 07:10 by Google Google   [ updated 5 Aug 2013, 07:24 ]

A PENSIONER who fell over at home has praised a group of teenagers delivering News Shopper for coming to her rescue.

Doreen Shotton, of Hythe Avenue, Bexleyheath, has been “slow and unstable” on her feet since breaking the base of her spine after falling over on a bus in 2009.

The 81-year-old said: “I went to get the post out of the door and I turned round, perhaps too quickly, and it threw me off balance and I fell on the floor.

“I laid there for quite a while.”

Jenny Farmer, who turned 16 last Friday, and 15-year-old Blair Chandler were delivering News Shopper with their friends Nick Rose, 16 and Nathan Scott, 15.

Jenny, a Year 11 pupil at Bexleyheath Academy, said: “We were delivering the papers on opposite sides of the road.

“Nick ran over to me and asked what the name of the road was and said an old lady had fallen over.”

The teenager ran over to Mrs Shotton and called 999.

Jenny said: “She was on the floor in her hallway just by the front door.

“She was asking for her daughter’s number. “I asked where it would be and she said in the back room in a phone book.

“It was a nightmare to find.

“Luckily her daughter called.”

The teenagers stayed with Mrs Shotton until an ambulance arrived.

Jenny, who has been delivering News Shopper for more than a year, said: “We kept talking to her to make sure she was all right.

“Her speech was a bit slurred and she wasn’t making much sense.

“I was just hoping she was going to be OK. “I thought she had had a stroke. I was a bit panicked.”

She added: “Nick was inside helping me and Blair and Nathan were on the phone to the ambulance.

“We were all doing our little bit. We just guessed what to do.

“It was just lucky we were there.

“If we hadn’t, she could have been there a long time."

Mrs Shotton was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, suffering from bruising.

The grandmother-of-two said: “They were wonderful.

“Jenny was sweet and called the ambulance.

“She was very efficient and handled the phone call in a professional way.

“It’s nice to know there are some very kind young people around who are willing to help people.

“Young people get a lot of bad press but they are not all bad.”

Mrs Shotton will get an alarm she can wear around her neck in case she falls again.