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Year 7 Honour Student Candidates

posted 11 Jul 2014, 04:52 by . WebResources Account

I am proud to announce that Year 7 held their first ‘Election’ for House Honour Students on Friday 11 July 2014. 20 students nominated themselves for election and, during assembly they each delivered a speech in an effort to receive as many votes as possible. Candidates stood in front of their peers, and were supported either side by Henry Fenton and Robyn Watts (Executive Honour Students), speaking clearly and confidently in a bid to win over the voters.

Candidates wore a rosette badge displaying their house colour, Darwin – Red, DaVinci – Green and Dickens – Yellow.

May I take this opportunity to thank Mrs Bristow, Ms Fewer, Mr Wakefield, Mrs Drew and Mr Ainsworth for their help and support in this venture.

The results will be announced next Friday 18 July 2014.

Mrs T Boswell