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Quiet Class!

posted 19 Mar 2015, 08:11 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 4 Mar 2016, 07:08 by ]

The phrase the ‘quiet kid’ can become quite offensive to children who are quiet in class. Children in the class who aren’t as loud as some of the kids in the class feel like they get ignored, left out and always trying to pay attention to get the best grades possible.

The most annoying thing about being the ‘quiet kid’ is that they rarely are praised for being quiet. But when the noisiest doesn’t talk for one lesson and they get all the praise for that lesson.

     In many ways they are model pupils they do not hurl abuse at the teacher, they do not start fights in lessons and above all, they are quiet. These pupils, the ones who do not cause trouble but rarely participate are not often at the forefront of teachers’ minds.

When staffs are just trying to get through a lesson with no one setting light to the curtains, there will be some quiet, average pupils who become “invisible”.

 Reported By Frankie