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Does wearing designer brands and make up give false confidence?

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Many girls don’t feel confident without wearing makeup or a designer brands when they go out. Some girls think that they could never go out in Primark clothes as they couldn’t be seen wearing something of that ‘poor quality’. But does it really matter if you wear clothes that are inexpensive or ‘cheap looking’. Most people don’t wear designer brands but for those who do it can have a huge effect on our personalities, some people may get jealous by glancing at you in the street. Is this the way we want people to see you?  

The way that people are judged has a huge impact on the way that people see you, some girl’s believe. If a person looks at you for under a minute there is a small chance that they are going to notice what you are wearing or remember your face without makeup.

So does it really make a difference? Is what we wear really beneficial to how we are going to be viewed? Or is the peer pressure getting too much for us to handle?

One in four females aged 11 to 17 are weighed down by pressure about how they look – a survey suggests; it can affect their career choice, consequently having a huge effect on the future of our generation.

Almost half of girls say that they are ordinary or nothing special with 10% saying they hate the way they look and feel unattractive or ugly.

Most girls spend an average of 42 minutes getting ready for school work or sometimes just popping to the shops. Many girls feel they cannot go to school without wearing makeup or covering up any blemishes they might have. Half of girls that wear makeup to school feel they have to carry their makeup around with them so they can top it up throughout the day.

According to studies 62% of girls are insecure about the way they look, sound or their figure. They are also insecure about the society around them and peer pressure on them to constantly look good.

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