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Too Cool to Conform?

posted 10 Mar 2016, 02:44 by Samantha Otoo   [ updated 10 Mar 2016, 03:04 by ]

 On the 21st January 2016, we interviewed our head mistress, Mrs Atkinson, on the topic ‘is it cool to conform?’ We set off to her office to ask her a few questions regarding her opinion on trends.

We asked her why she thought children bought designer things to school and stated ‘that it could be due to peer pressure, to show wealth and to be a trend-setter’. We agree with this point because we witnessed it in our playground.

 Due to this, our head mistress banned brands such as Converse shoes and Vans. However many students have simply found an alternative and lo and behold everyone is wearing Loafers or Kickers.

Trends change quickly because people are teenagers want to copy. They feel safe when they are carbon copies of each other, maybe because they can blend in with each other. But is this right?

 Companies are offering new trends more than ever.  we are almost suffocated by choice. They are aware that people wear trends to either fit in, for confidence, to show off or some people haven’t found their true identity and they are exploiting this.

One thing we did find humorous  from our interview was that at we noticed  our Head discreetly moving her Louis Vuitton bag out of our view.

Maybe we gave her something to think about.

By Shivani, Bella and Bunmi