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Disney Hammersmith visit 25th February 2016

posted 2 Mar 2016, 07:04 by Nicola OHare   [ updated 2 Mar 2016, 07:45 by ]

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On the 25th February, 6th Form Enterprise students were invited to attend an event hosted by Disney. The students travelled to Hammersmith London to the prestigious Disney offices, they were greeted  by life size Clone Troopers from Star Wars Episode 7, after receiving our security passes we were escorted to a meeting room on the 8th floor. On our travels we viewed hundreds of awards which adorned the walls for films and cinematography for many of the films Disney have released over the years.  The London offices are the hub for the Europe, Asia and African enterprises and include; finance, branding and promotional development.

The students listened to several guest speakers all of which were eager to engage and answer questions. After the speeches the students discussed their own enterprises and were offered advice and development strategies in terms of branding and financial planning.

We were given a whistle stop tour of the 8th floor hundreds of Disney characters covered every service and in some parts even the floors were decorated with tracks of who may have been there before!

We were shown the meeting rooms which had themes; the Pixar room had a floor to ceiling trademark lamp and drawings from the Inside Out film. The Marvel room had a model of Spider man mid leap from the wall and on the opposite side Iron Man defended the door.

As we were escorted out a large Mickey Mouse waved farewell before we travelled back to the Academy.

The students enjoyed the trip and we hope to invited back again next year. 

Nicola O'Hare Business Dept.