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National under 13 Girls Handball - Penny & Bobbie's Student Report

posted 21 Jun 2016, 02:20 by   [ updated 21 Jun 2016, 07:35 ]

U13 Handball

On Sunday June 11, the Year 8 girls (Penny, Bobbie, Holly C, Holly M, Mollie S, Molly H, Sindy, Rachel and Jess) went to Worcester to compete in the National Handball Finals after our success in the London Youth Games. We left school by 06:30. It was a long drive and we were all really excited. When we eventually arrived, we warmed up and prepared ourselves as we were playing the first match. We drew 2-2 with a great penalty taken by Bobbie. Unfortunately, we lost the next match 2-1 but we still felt confident within ourselves. In our third match we came back fighting and luckily won 2-1 with great teamwork from everybody and amazing goals by Penny and Holly C. Then we won 3-2 with Sindy scoring a great penalty. We knew we had to do well in the next match to qualify for the finals and came out with a draw of 3-3. 

We were sat at the side lines waiting to hear our result and found out that we had came 2nd and were through to the finals however we know it was tough and had to work as a team. We were all extremely nervous but at the same time really excited. The time had come for us to take our places to walk onto the court. We were escorted onto the court by the referees with music and cheering. We then walked out into our group huddles to have a chat about our tactics. The whistle blew for us to get into position and luckily we started with the ball. We were all fighting hard but unfortunately they played a different defence tactic which led us to be very confused and loose our focus and came out with a loss of 4-0. We were all very disappointed after our loss but we had done the best that we could and we were all pleased with that. Everyone was pleased as it meant that we were the 2nd best U13 girl’s team in the country. They then presented us with our silver medals. On our way back Mrs Pressney and Mr Wiltshire stopped at McDonalds as a hard work present.

Well done to our players of the tournament, Holly C the players' player, Holly M, Mollie S and SIndy. Well played to everyone and thank you for all of your dedication over the past 10 months. Special thanks to our amazing goalkeeper Mollie Salter who we wouldn’t have got this far without and well done for saving one with your neck! Great play by everyone!

Mentor Athlete Visit

posted 12 May 2016, 00:36 by   [ updated 12 May 2016, 00:42 ]

Steve Brown – Sky Sports Living for Sport Workshop


Mentor Athlete Visit

The Sky Sports Living for Sport programme has been a huge success for us in recent years; inspiring and motivating our young adults for the next stage of their lives. This year we welcomed GB Rugby Wheelchair captain, Steve Brown. He has won numerous medals and captained Great Britain’s wheelchair rugby team through many international competitions. His greatest sporting high was having the honour of captaining the GB Wheelchair Rugby Team at London 2012.

The year 10 BTEC Sport students were invited to attend a workshop run by Steve in which he applied both a practical and mental aspect of not only being a top athlete, but maximising your own potential through being mentally tough. The day began with the students hearing about Steve’s story. He made them feel comfortable and answered any questions that were asked to him by the students. The group were extremely focused on what he was saying and his story was a great tool to engage the students as he was seen as ‘one of them’. Steve moved the group into the sports hall to look at team sports and how the group works whilst under pressure. He gave each student a ‘Sky Sports – Living for Sport’ t-shirt and a wristband with the ‘6 keys to success:-

1.       Mental toughness

2.       Hunger to achieve

3.       People skills

4.       Sports & Life knowledge

5.       Breaking barriers

6.       Planning for success

The workshop was drawn to a close with a short discussion in the classroom where Steve spoke about these keys to success and how the students can take this information into their future endeavours, whether this being in the classroom or in their chosen sport. Overall, the day was a huge success and the students have taken on board what they learnt. Steve was open to sign t shirts and take any photographs with the students as the session was bought to a close.


posted 24 Mar 2016, 01:00 by Temre Ezimokhai   [ updated 24 Mar 2016, 01:46 ]


Thursday 17th March was the day that Bexleyheath Academy came together to raise money for Sports Relief. The course was mapped out around the Academy by the PE department in the morning and our sports leaders were used throughout the day to delegate the runners around the 1 mile course. Each year group were given a period throughout the day to complete 1 lap of the Academy. The year 7’s and 8’s had their first taste of Sports Relief in the morning, followed by members of year 11 who wanted to take part through period 3. The afternoon session saw the year 9 and 10 students complete the course.

As the year group sat in the hall, the PE department asked for the students to separate themselves between the ‘Elite’ runners and the ‘Fun’ runners. The elite runners would start the race first and these would be the people who look for the best time and fight it out for the top 3 places. The fun runners would be the remaining members of the year group who would complete the 1 mile course at their own pace. The top 3 boys and girls from each year group received a medal for their excellent effort and each student from every year group got recommended for the PE ‘Endeavor’ award. This was given to the student who we thought went above and beyond and showed examples of courage and good spirit, regardless of their finishing position. We were very lucky to have the Mayor of Bexley attend the event and hand out medals to our runners.

The day was a massive success for the Academy as various members of staff joined in, with some dressed as nuns! The amount of money raised has not yet been finalised as we are still waiting for some sponsorship money to reach us. Some students have been fantastic and have raised over £100 each!

The year 7 pupils have been set a homework challenge to write a report of the day and these will be handed in after the Easter Holidays. The best report will feature on the Academy website!

Thank you to all pupils and staff who participated in the mile run and for all the money raised so far!

The top 3 boys and girls from each year group are as follows:

Year 7

Boys – 1st - Mason L          2nd – Billy S                 3rd – Harry B

Girls – 1st – Olivia M         2nd – Molly P                3rd – Ellie B

Endeavor award – Bethany H

Year 8

Boys – 1st – Nate O            2nd – Luke H                3rd – Andre F

Girls – 1st – Naomi B      2nd – Mia B             3rd – Isabella H

Endeavor award – Ebenezer Y

Year 9

Boys – 1st – Harry C                               2nd – Drihen M   3rd – George C

Girls – 1st – Parisa P              2nd – Robyn W           3rd – Nifemi F

Endeavor award – Jessica S


Year 10

Boys – 1st – Jake K                  2nd – Sajeevan K                                3rd – James B

Girls – 1st – Onyi E             2nd – Sophie C           3rd – Jaimee-Leigh C-P

Endeavor award – Mrs Ailey!

Year 11

Boys – 1st – Reece C        2nd – John W       3rd – Ryan Cr

Girls – 1st – Azeezat A       2nd – Shannon C               3rd – Shannon B

Endeavor award – Mary D

London Champions

posted 23 Mar 2016, 03:49 by Louise Pressney   [ updated 24 Mar 2016, 01:50 by Temre Ezimokhai ]

After competing in 3 other rounds of handball, the year 8 girls handball team: (Penny, Mollie, Sindy, Bobbie, Holly C, Holly M, Molly, Sadie CP, Rachel, Summer and Jess) travelled to The Score Centre in Leyton where they competed against the other top 4 U13 handball teams in London.

When they arrived they sat and watched the boys finish their games. When the boys were finished the Bexleyheath Academy handball team started to warm up with their coaches Jake M and Mary. After warming up throwing, passing, shooting and defensive tactics were practised.

Before we had any games we got to watch all the other teams play. This meant that the BA team were able to see the key players of the other teams.

Our first game:  Bolingbroke Academy we won! 3-0! Our goalkeeper Mollie even saved a penalty! BA was off again watching other teams play.

The next game was All Saints and the BA team met their match. They played rough so BA came back fighting. The end score was 2-2 this meant that if BA won all their games and All Saints won all their games then it would come down too how many goals scored. During this game the captain Penny M let out her inner BEAST! She nearly even got BENCHED!

The penultimate match was as important as the next. Claptons Girls Academy. BA thought it was going to be a tough game, however BA came on top and they won 5-3! This meant that the girls only had one more game to win: All Saints had won all their games but BA had already scored more goals than them. This meant BA had to win their last match no matter how many goals are scored, as long as they win.

The final match came round and the girls were nervous. They knew they had to win, with some final words from their coaches; the girls were ready to go. It was tough as the All Saints and Claptons Academy were cheering for Hapton. Although it felt like the world was against them BA still managed to win!!   

A weight was lifted off their shoulders. Collecting their medals was great as they got to stand in front of all the spectators. They were lucky enough to have victory burgers from McDonalds on their way back.
By Mollie, Bobbie and Penny

Year 8 Netball Team Success

posted 2 Mar 2016, 12:15 by Louise Pressney

The year 8 netball team have had a successful run of matches lately by battling hard to beat the local Grammar Schools. Their last three matches have been a pleasure to watch as they beat Townley and Bexley Grammar and then managed a draw against Chis and Sid. Well done ladies!!

U13 Girls Handball Team Win Again!

posted 2 Mar 2016, 12:12 by Louise Pressney

There's no stopping this talented team of young ladies who have again won round 3 of the LYG competition to now qualify for the London finals at The Score Centre on Wednesday 16th March. Congratulations girls and good luck for the finals.

Bexleyheath Academy beat Bexley Grammar School

posted 12 Feb 2016, 04:13 by   [ updated 12 Feb 2016, 05:19 by ]

Bexleyheath Academy VI Form Basketball team played a league match against Bexley Grammar School on Tuesday 9th of February. BA dominated the whole game and took lead on the scoreboard. With only 11 seconds to go Bexley Grammar insisted on using their time outs allocated, however, Bexleyheath Academy stayed strong to hold onto their 7 point lead. The game ended Bexleyheath Academy 47, Bexley Grammar 40. 

494 pupils in 4 days

posted 14 Jan 2016, 11:39 by   [ updated 14 Jan 2016, 11:45 ]

attended sports clubs in our first week back. The Fitness Suite and Table Tennis had 5 students each. The Lunchtime Sports Hall had 100, while Lunchtime Table Tennis had 90. Goals came top with 200, while the Courts did well with 80 and Netball had a further 14. #goBA

KS3 Handball Team to represent Bexley Borough at the London Youth Games

posted 25 Nov 2015, 06:17 by   [ updated 11 Dec 2015, 02:47 by ]

Congratulations to the KS3 girls handball team who beat Erith School to qualify for the next round of the London Youth Games. Player of the match was goalkeeper Mollie S. The team will now go on to represent the Borough in January. 

Well done girls

Year 12/13 Basketball League

posted 20 Nov 2015, 01:58 by

The 6th form has been entered into a Bexley schools basketball league. This will be the first time some of these students have played together. They will play against teams such as Bexley Grammar, Wilmington Grammar and Erith in a friendly but competitive competition. The first game they played was just a friendly before the league kicks off next week. All 12 students looked comfortable on the court and look forward to next week’s game against Wilmington Grammar.

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