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London Champions

posted 23 Mar 2016, 03:49 by Louise Pressney   [ updated 24 Mar 2016, 01:50 by Temre Ezimokhai ]

After competing in 3 other rounds of handball, the year 8 girls handball team: (Penny, Mollie, Sindy, Bobbie, Holly C, Holly M, Molly, Sadie CP, Rachel, Summer and Jess) travelled to The Score Centre in Leyton where they competed against the other top 4 U13 handball teams in London.

When they arrived they sat and watched the boys finish their games. When the boys were finished the Bexleyheath Academy handball team started to warm up with their coaches Jake M and Mary. After warming up throwing, passing, shooting and defensive tactics were practised.

Before we had any games we got to watch all the other teams play. This meant that the BA team were able to see the key players of the other teams.

Our first game:  Bolingbroke Academy we won! 3-0! Our goalkeeper Mollie even saved a penalty! BA was off again watching other teams play.

The next game was All Saints and the BA team met their match. They played rough so BA came back fighting. The end score was 2-2 this meant that if BA won all their games and All Saints won all their games then it would come down too how many goals scored. During this game the captain Penny M let out her inner BEAST! She nearly even got BENCHED!

The penultimate match was as important as the next. Claptons Girls Academy. BA thought it was going to be a tough game, however BA came on top and they won 5-3! This meant that the girls only had one more game to win: All Saints had won all their games but BA had already scored more goals than them. This meant BA had to win their last match no matter how many goals are scored, as long as they win.

The final match came round and the girls were nervous. They knew they had to win, with some final words from their coaches; the girls were ready to go. It was tough as the All Saints and Claptons Academy were cheering for Hapton. Although it felt like the world was against them BA still managed to win!!   

A weight was lifted off their shoulders. Collecting their medals was great as they got to stand in front of all the spectators. They were lucky enough to have victory burgers from McDonalds on their way back.
By Mollie, Bobbie and Penny