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Outstanding Drama at Bexleyheath Academy

posted 2 Nov 2016, 09:20 by Mark Pinchin   [ updated 5 Nov 2016, 07:47 by ]

I have always placed Drama with the Arts at the very centre of importance in every school I have worked in and over the years I have supported Drama and Music with shows of every description.

I find it incredibly exciting and love watching the creative process unfold as students release themselves into performance and reach deep within  to create, interpret and perform. It really can be transformational and today I enjoyed a performance that took my breath away.

Our Year 12  A level Drama students have been working on monologues based on the brilliant and deeply disturbing play The Pillow Man by Martin McDonagh.

Maia Clews then performed her monologue that was so intense and emotionally powerful that I had to hold my breath as I felt the rage and passion burst forth from her performance. Absolutely shattering.

I always feel a range of mixed emotions after such an experience which is as it should be. 

My overriding feeling as I walked away was that it was the greatest privilege for me to have been invited to watch and how lucky I am to work with students such as these. How incredibly lucky.

Mark Pinchin
2 Nov 2016, 09:20