BA Parent Forum is where you can get involved: to discuss a number of issues relating to the policies and procedures the Academy implements; share ideas for fundraising and help allocate where the funds should be spent. 

Road Safety Notice                                                                                                       Dropping off students at Bexleyheath Academy on Woolwich Road

Parents and carers are respectfully asked to take care and pay due attention to the laws of the road when dropping off their children to school in the morning.We have noted a number of parents veering across the roadway, parking erratically, making u-turns in the road and dropping their children off in inappropriate areas such as directly in front of the school gates. Occasionally, the dropping off of children has resulted in other road users becoming angered and they then drive more erratically and dangerously as a result.

We have been very successful in securing a school crossing patrol officer to help students safely navigate their way across Woolwich Road this academic year and this has helped all road users and our pupils. However, one group of Year 10 students has campaigned for even greater provision with an online petition to Bexley Civic Offices for the installation of Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs). We look forward to your support in helping to make Woolwich Road a safer place to ensure we remain accident free.

What should I do if my child is absent?

Phone the student absences line on  020 8298 2879
It is the responsibility of the parents to:

• Ensure that your children attend the Academy every day
• Contact the absence line for each day of absence
Support the Academy’s behaviour policy
• Ensure your child wears full Academy uniform and has the appropriate equipment needed for the day
• Read and check the student planner each week
• Provide a suitable quiet place for their child to complete their homework
• Be supportive of the Academy, its values, its events and activities
• Attend subject teacher and academic tutoring evenings to support your child
• Communicate with the Academy regularly

Academy Day

The length of the school week is 34 hours 30 minutes. 

The length of time in timetabled lessons is 25 hours. There is a further 2 hours of PSHEE delivered in tutor groups

The requirement of the DfE is 24 hours.

  • Registration / Assembly / PSHEE - 08:30
  • Period 1 - 09:00
  • Period 2 - 10:00
  • Break - 11:00
  • Period 3 - 11:20
  • Period 4 - 12:20
  • Lunch - 13:20
  • Registration - 14:05
  • Period 5 - 14:15
  • School Day Ends - 15:15

Enforced closure of Academy

It may be necessary to close the Academy due to severe weather including snow, flooding or storms but may also be for a variety of other reasons including: 

    • Accommodation problems, e.g. loss of power supply heating failure or fire damage 

    • Infectious sickness/disease

The Academy will endeavour to remain open wherever possible in these events however, the decision to close the school will reside with the Principal in consultation with the Chair of Governors before 6:00am. All attempts will be made to contact stakeholders via Parent Text/Parent Call, website, Twitter to inform them of any changes.

Parents can also listen to local radio and visit the London Borough of Bexley's page.

family lives

family lives (formerly Parentline Plus) is a national charity that provides help and support to Parents/Carers. It is a free and confidential service that provides parental groups and workshops as well as information. It deals with lots of the issues related to teenage misbehaviour. You can contact them on 0808 800 2222 or via their website