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Ofsted 2016

posted 19 Oct 2016, 07:09 by Glen Bone

MADE training

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On the 9/9/16, MADE training came to Bexleyheath Academy to work with our Year 12 students on key skills that will help them cope and adapt to the increased academic rigour of our sixth form. 

All of Year 12 had the opportunity to work with such a professional organisation and found the experience thoroughly rewarding. The two hour sessions seemed to fly by and gave the students pause for thought and allowed them to start taking the right steps. 

Students engaged excellently on mind mapping tasks, the Cornell method of taking notes and also working on their creative skills and how to use them to overcome difficult situations. 

It was a pleasure to see the students work is such a positive atmosphere. We look forward to having MADE training in next year for our Academy. 

Enrolment 2016

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Friday 26th August 
14:00 - 14:30 

Make your way to the Graham Road car park (behind Bexleyheath Asda) and then walk through the car park past Goals to the side entrance of the Academy by Busy Bees nursery

Please bring:
- A copy of your GCSE results
- Your passport or other proof of UK residency

Reminder of minimum entrance for Sixth Form:
- 5 A*C grades including English and Maths
- Each subject then has its own entry requirements, which you can check at 

If you wish to enrol, but cannot attend tomorrow, please email with a photo of your GCSE results and your passport or other proof of UK residency.

Sixth Form Application Flow Chart

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Sixth Form News & Events

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San Andreas - World Premiere

posted 11 Jun 2015, 05:10 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 11 Jun 2015, 05:17 ]

On Thursday 21 May, the Media department took a group of Year 13 students to the World Premiere of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘San Andreas’ in Leicester Square.

It was a beautiful summer’s evening and the atmosphere in Leicester Square was electric; hundreds of film fans, big screens, cameras, the red carpet, autographs and celebrity selfies.

After collecting our tickets, we were excited beyond belief to actually walk down the red carpet ourselves. Unfortunately no one asked for our autograph because we were arriving at the same time as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the film’s star. He was smiley, and sharpely dressed and so, well big! Every inch the celebrity!

We took our seats in the auditorium and soaked up the atmosphere (and complimentary popcorn!) as we waited for the screening to begin. With the show due to start imminently, we noticed a slight commotion at the end of our row. There were security guards, and TV presenter Alex Zane lining up and chatting to a petite, immaculate and youthful looking Kylie Minogue; the cast and crew were preparing to take to the stage to introduce the show, and they were doing so just three feet away from where we were sitting!

The introductions were given by Director Brad Peyton and Dwayne Johnson as the audience applauded and cheered. The audience (which included friends and family of the cast and crew)continued to applaud, cheer and occasionally heckle throughout the film which made the whole experience more thrilling.

The film itself began with no adverts and no trailers. It was a non-stop 3D, action packed, adrenaline pumping, earth moving, Richter scale climbing 114 minutes of pure Hollywood disaster; with too many clichés to count- we all loved it!

As school trips go, this will go down as one of the most surreal and exciting of them all. It was a wonderful send off for a fantastic bunch of Year 13 students and a night that none of us will ever forget.

Mrs L Silvester

Apprenticeships Confirmed For...

posted 11 Jun 2015, 05:03 by . WebResources Account

Congratulations to Jordan Masters and Curtis Eaton who have both gained apprenticeships with Transport for London in the Project Planning department.

The students applied for the apprenticeships after attending a Transport for London apprenticeship insight day, which as a partner school of TfL, Bexleyheath Academy was fortunate to attend. The event gave students more information about the different apprenticeships available as well as some top tips for getting to the final round. Jordan and Curtis obviously took note!

Mrs B Knight-Croft

Telephone Mock Interviews with AkzoNobel

posted 11 Jun 2015, 04:59 by . WebResources Account

Telephone Mock Interviews with AkzoNobel Year 13 students who are applying for apprenticeships and employments were given an excellent opportunity to practice their telephone interview skills when senior members from the internaional company, ‘Akzo Nobel’, gave them mock interviews on their mobiles in April.

More and more recruiters are starting to use telephone interviews as a way to determine whether candidates should progress to the next round in the employment process, so Mrs Knight-Croft, Mr Telfer and Mrs Stocking asked our partner to help prepare the students for this eventuality. Whilst the students were nervous about the interviews,
they all did well and found areas for improvement. A huge thank you to Tony Sexton for organising all of the mock interviews.

Mrs B Knight-Croft


posted 11 Jun 2015, 04:56 by . WebResources Account

Jay Sharma and Jeevan Rihal in Year 12 has had a number of articles published on the ACURE website. In 2015, ACURE was formed as a creative group and lifestyle magazine for modern thinking visionaries, specialising in music, fashion, design, architecture, film and literature.

Since then, they have developed their media platform into a record label, online store and event hosting/promotion company. Shortened for ‘a cultural revolution,’ London-based ACURE plans to develop with today and tomorrow’s youth around the world, aiming to bring complex thinking individuals, creators and like-minded people to the forefront with the idea or helping them to establish themselves and to go onto further and higher levels with the use of innovative plans for a much more tasteful future for all.

Jay’s articles can be found at:
Jeevan’s articles can be found at:

Mrs B Knight-Croft
Director of Pathways

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