A Cross-Curricular Trip to Hogwarts

posted 15 Jan 2015, 06:39 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 6 May 2015, 02:37 ]
On Thursday 7th November, 43 of our Sixth Form Drama, Media and Film students embarked on a journey to the Warner Bros.  Studios in Leavesden to experience the ‘Making of Harry Potter’ tour. 

The key educational purpose of the trip was to witness first hand the intricate and excruciatingly meticulous production process that occurs behind the scenes. From prop creation to set design, visual effects to wig construction; every second of the visit made the magic of what appears on screen even more significant. 

Our students experienced the majestic wonder of the Great Hall, the fascinating mechanics of Buckbeak and the creatures, the suburban delights of Privot Drive, the peculiar taste of Butterbeer and were offered the opportunity to sit on a broomstick and point a wand.  Without spoiling too many secrets (and there are many!), most students’ highlight was walking in the steps of Harry, Ron and Hermione through the dreamlike Diagon Alley. 

Special mentions must go to:  Shelsea Waldock for taking somewhere in the region of 1000 photos, Tommy Snaith for spending the most money in the gift shop (and justifying it with “can you put a price on Dumbledore’s wand?”) and Oliver Murphy and Connor Bright for posing in a way that made the Deatheaters look pleasant!

The students loved their experience and there are not enough superlatives to describe Hogwarts Castle and the feeling of being surrounded by 15000 individually hand crafted wand boxes in Olivanders.  The enthusiasm shown by the students was trebled by the staff who took great pleasure in ‘Snitch spotting’, ‘passport stamping’ and taking up every possible photo opportunity including Hagrid’s motorbike and side-cart. 

The trip was inspiring, informative, enlightening and absolutely enchanting. 

Mrs Silvester