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Jay Sharma and Jeevan Rihal in Year 12 has had a number of articles published on the ACURE website. In 2015, ACURE was formed as a creative group and lifestyle magazine for modern thinking visionaries, specialising in music, fashion, design, architecture, film and literature.

Since then, they have developed their media platform into a record label, online store and event hosting/promotion company. Shortened for ‘a cultural revolution,’ London-based ACURE plans to develop with today and tomorrow’s youth around the world, aiming to bring complex thinking individuals, creators and like-minded people to the forefront with the idea or helping them to establish themselves and to go onto further and higher levels with the use of innovative plans for a much more tasteful future for all.

Jay’s articles can be found at:
Jeevan’s articles can be found at:

Mrs B Knight-Croft
Director of Pathways