Daniel Franklin - The Economist

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Thanks to the ‘Speakers for Schools’ initiative, Bexleyheath Academy was selected to receive a talk from Daniel Franklin, the Executive Editor of the prestigious weekly journal ‘The Economist’.  At the end of the speech, Daniel was so impressed with our students that he offered two of them the chance to shadow him for a day and attend an editorial meeting to see how the publication is produced.  The two winners of this competition were Anisha Chowdry and Robert McLean.

This is Robert’s write up of Daniel’s visit:

Daniel Franklin led a discussion exploring the ever-evolving world in 2014. This talk, delivered to a number of Bexleyheath Academy Year 11 and Sixth Form students, explored a broad range of subjects; touching upon sporting events, politics and scientific developments within the coming year.  The Economist’s editor also explained how his publication would be joining this revolution through the use of digital media, aiming to induce new readers to the franchise. 

In 2014, ‘it’s showtime’ according to Franklin and his Economist, as sporting spectacles such as Vladimir Putin’s winter Olympic games in Sochi and Dilma Rousseff’s Brazilian World Cup continue to push public funds and opinion. Sochi’s winter Olympic games have already broken the Olympic record for cost; while Rio de Janerio’s president aims to avert the popular protest witnessed within the Confederations Cup of 2013, representing a new era of expensive, highly political sporting shows.   

As well as sporting events, 2014 will host a variety of ‘political shocks and economic shifts’ explains Franklin. The shocks will arrive at elections, as India the largest democracy could elect the controversial Hindu nationalist Narenda Modi. Furthermore, Franklin expresses how political surprise is not exempt for the U.K, as Westminster braces itself for the possibility of an independent Scotland. 

The final issue addressed by Daniel Franklin was the ever-changing pace of the commercial world, as Richard Branson’s ‘Virgin Galactic’ hopes to introduce the first commercial flight into space. In addition, the Economist itself aims to embrace the digital world through the development of an app, handily demonstrated by Franklin on a selection of iPad distributed into the crowd.