Law Insight Day

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Sixth Form students were invited to spend the afternoon at the global city law firm of Baker Mckenzie, near to Blackfriars station. The session consisted of the opportunity to
talk with lawyers in business and commercial law, a tour of the offices and a negotiation game, where the students were given a business scenario and in their teams had to
negotiate a deal on behalf of their clients. What they did not realise was that on the other side of the negotiation table were practising lawyers from Baker Mckenzie!

The students certainly held their own in the negotiations and all managed to agree a very favourable deal for their client. The day was an excellent insight into the workings of a city law firm and our students felt privileged to be in such an environment and all are considering a future career in law.

Some of the students’ feedback is outlined below:

“I enjoyed the atmosphere at Baker & Mackenzie. I felt very welcomed and I appreciated the chance to ask lawyers questions. They were very pleasant and approachable rather than aloof.
“The negotiation task and negotiating with the lawyers was the most enjoyable part. Strategising with my team and then presenting it to the lawyers reinforced my desire to have a career in law.

“I especially liked the lawyers visiting the tables giving us information about how they reached their position. It was very easy to ask questions as they were so friendly.”

“It was a fabulous day. I never thought I would have the opportunity to visit the offices of a city law firm. I talked about it to my Mum all weekend!”

The students who attended from the academy were:
Bernadette Obode, Karl Sadoune, Pooja Guzadhur, Aishat Alli, Chloe Brown, Karina Sehdev, and Krista Balemba.
They all made very favourable impressions and took the opportunity to network – you never know who you might meet again in the future
who can help you with your future.

Mrs B Knight-Croft
Director of Pathways