Everyone in Bexleyheath Academy should conduct themselves responsibly showing respect for one another, around the Academy and within the local community.

It is the responsibility of the students to:

• Attend the Academy everyday and on time
• Wear full Academy uniform in line with the Uniform Policy
• Bring the equipment required for each lesson including PE kit to ALL PE lessons
• Be prepared to work effectively with anyone else in your groups
• Complete work set to the best of your abilities
• Carry out reasonable and appropriate requests from staff
• Ask for support and guidance from staff to manage any problems
• Respect the facilities and equipment in and around the Academy
• Record your homework in your student planner.
• Offer your opinions on ways to improve the Academy through the student council

It is the responsibility of the Academy to:
• Be welcoming at all times, listening and responding to pupil/parental concerns
• Prepare appropriate and motivating work for all students in the group
• Provide opportunities for students to be actively involved in their own learning
• Recognise and encourage achievement and success
• Assess students’ work regularly ensuring the students know where they are currently working and how to make progress through target setting and comments
• Maintain a calm working environment around the Academy and in lessons ensuring a safe learning environment that promotes confident learning.
• Communicate with parents over concerns with students progress and behaviour

It is the responsibility of the parents to:
• Ensure that your children attend the Academy every day and if they are absent to contact the absence line for each day of absence.
• Support the Academy’s behaviour policy
• Ensure your child wears full Academy uniform and has the appropriate equipment needed for the day.
• Read and check the student planner each week
• Provide a suitable quiet place for their child to complete their homework
• Be supportive of the Academy, its values, its events and activities
• Attend subject teacher and academic tutoring evenings to support your child
• Communicate with the Academy regularly.

Uniform Requirements

Navy Blue Blazer with embroidered logo*
School Tie*
School Pullover*
Mid Grey trousers*
Mid grey 'stitch down' pleated skirt*
Black Leather Shoes
White shirt (with collar and top button)
Black tights
White or Black socks (Girls)
Grey or Black socks (Boys)
School bag of suitable size to carry A4 size books.
PE Kit

Navy & Gold reversible Rugby/Football Shirt*
Navy Embroidered Polo Shirt*
Navy Football Shorts
Navy Football Socks
Moulded Football Boots
Plain or navy tracksuit
Waterproof jacket (Navy) - Optional
PE Bag
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