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2016 Results

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 Year 13 results per entry
A* - A

 Year 13 results per entry
A* - B

  Year 13 results per entry
A* - C


  Year 13 results per entry
A* - E

  Year 11 English & Maths achieving A* - C
The percentage gaining the English Baccalaureate was 4.7%

 Year 11 expected levels of progress
Progress 8 = -0.28, Attainment 8 = 42.9C+


RECORD BREAKING SIXTH FORM RESULTS - AGAIN                                                                                Aug 2016

For the tenth year in a row, Bexleyheath Academy's Sixth Form outcomes have seen record results secured. Outgoing Principal Jan Atkinson was delighted with the results and said “Many congratulations to all Sixth Form students at Bexleyheath Academy. We have for the third year in succession seen an improvement in the grades of our Most Able students and a higher overall pass rate. It has been an absolute delight this morning to share student successes and their excitement at their future prospects as many look forward to University, Apprenticeships, Gap years and employment. My thanks to all students for their hard work and perseverance, to the sixth form team for their guidance and leadership and our wonderful teaching staff. To our parents, I would also like to offer thanks for engaging with the Academy and being there in the background to guide and nurture. We wish all students the very best of success, we are so very proud of you all.”

Whilst a significant number of students did exceptionally well, successes include Aishat Ali who achieved three A grades and is progressing to the University of Warwick to study Law. In reflecting on her time at the academy Aishat said “The Academy’s Ethos of Pride through Achievement has really helped me focus through my years here. I would like to thank all of the teachers that have supported me on my academic journey and the guidance that they have given me since year 7. I now look forward to my next steps studying Law and will remember the Academy fondly for the opportunities I have been given.”

We also have Kiruththika Manialagan and Gavinder Johal who both got D* D* D* who will be studying International Business and Marketing at the University of Kent. Jeevan Rihal (D* D* D* D) going to Brunel for Business Management and Marketing. Gurpreet Dingri (A D* D* C) who is off to the University of Greenwich to study Quantity Surveying. We also have Daniel Fryer (D* D* D* D*) who has accepted an apprenticeship from Trade Union Conference to do Finance.

2015 Results

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 Year 13 results per entry
A* - A

 Year 13 results per entry
A* - B

  Year 13 results per entry
A* - C


  Year 13 results per entry
A* - E

  Year 11 5 inc English & Maths
A* - C
The student taking the English Baccalaureate was not successful
The percentiles of students achieving the minimum levels of progress in English and Maths were 28.8% and 56.4% respectively

 Year 11 results 1 or more
A* - G


Congratulations to the Class of 2010 - 2015

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I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the class of 2010-15 for the hard work they put into achieving this round of GCSE results.

Throughout the time I have had the good fortune to have known and to work alongside this particular cohort of students, I have been extremely impressed as to how they have applied themselves not only to their studies in the classroom but to many other aspects of Academy life. This was always reflected in how they treated as well as looked after one another all of which culminated in perhaps the best Year 11 Leavers Day I have ever had the good fortune to attend.

Whilst there were many notable successes, students who did particularly well were Neemrit Gill who achieved 10 A grades and 1 B, Ryan Woodrow who achieved 6 A and 5 B grades, Jiaqi Chen who achieved 4 A* 5 A and 2 B grades, Ashley Green who achieved 6 A, 3 B and 1 C grade and Adam Sexton who achieved 2 A*, 5 A and 4 B grades.

I would also like to formally thank my many colleagues who were involved with this year group at some point of their journey through Bexleyheath Academy. The year group, as I know both they and their parents and carers will agree, were most fortunate to have hard working and fully committed teaching and support staff working alongside them each and every day. Not only did this lead to real academic progress, it also led to the forging of some exceptionally strong and mutually respectful working relationships that I'm sure will always be remembered by students and staff alike.

I would like to pay special thanks to Mrs Anita Worboys, Head of Year 11 and Mrs Louise Saunders, Mrs Worboys Assistant lead who worked tirelessly with the year group throughout the five years they were at the Academy. They perhaps more than everybody else helped to support the cohort to get to the point they are at now.

Many of our Year 11 students will now progress into our Sixth Form whilst others will venture off to pastures new be it into other educational establishments, employment or training. Wherever they go I will always remember them and wish them and their families continued success and happiness.

Mr C A Wakefield
Principal 2013-2015

Recording Breaking A Level Results 2015!

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For the ninth year in a row, Bexleyheath Academy's KS5 outcomes have seen record results secured. However this year has seen by far the largest improvement at both Year 12 and 13. Outgoing Principal Carl Wakefield was understandably delighted and said, "I am so pleased for the students and staff for securing this phenomenal set of results especially as it is across both year groups and whilst relating to the actual comparison from last year which in itself was a record breaker. This provides not only direct evidence of the quality of education provided to the students who attend Bexleyheath Academy Sixth Form but is also indicative of the calibre of young adults we have been most fortunate to work alongside over the past two and, in a large number of cases, seven years".

Miss Kingsmill, Assistant Vice Principal and Sixth Form lead said, "The results reflect the excellent motivation, work ethic and dedication of both the students and Sixth form teaching and pastoral teams over the last two years. I am very proud of these well rounded young adults who are entering the world of Higher Education and work with a broad range of qualifications and additional skills.

Mr Wakefield continued by stating, "Whilst a significant number of students did exceptionally well, three to note are Olivia Ramsay who achieved three straight A grades and Nabeela Celiktas and Haaris Navid who both achieved two A grades and a B".

Mr Wakefield concluded by saying, "The vast majority of the students in Year 13 having secured the required grades will now go off to universities across the length and breadth of the country. They will I'm sure also enjoy their own hugely enjoyable and productive careers and whilst I will miss them greatly, I also wish them every success and happiness"

Year 13 Results 2015
2014 2013
A*A - 73%
39% 28%
A*-B - 83%
A*-C - 97%
A*-E - 100%

Year 12 Results 2015
2014 2013
A*A - 78%
26% 12%
A*-B - 82%
A*-C - 93%
A*-E - 100%

Record Breaking A Level Results 2014!

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For the eighth year in succession, Bexleyheath Academy's A Level results have continued to rise seeing yet another record breaking cohort achieve a set of fantastic and thoroughly well-deserved grades.

Carl Wakefield, Principal of the Academy said "I am absolutely delighted with this set of results as together, the staff and students' have worked incredibly hard and in doing so, surpassed even our own extremely high expectations."

Mr Wakefield continued by saying "This will now allow virtually every single student to pursue their first choice route in terms of the next stage of the education, training or employment and I fully expect to see record numbers move on to university in the autumn term."

"As well as congratulating this fine, decent and extremely pleasant group of young adults who have been a pleasure to work alongside, I would like to thank their parents and carers for their support throughout the years as well. Finally I would like to thank the Sixth Form team and associated teachers who have, on a daily basis, worked hard to ensure every student fulfilled their potential and achieved success this time round. It is another proud day for our Academy".

A level

A*-A - 38.7% (27.5% in 2013)
A*-B - 48.1% (43% in 2013)
A*-C - 78.7% (74% in 2013)
A*-E - 99.5% (97% in 2013)


A*-A - 25.5% (11.8% in 2013)
A*-B - 25.5% (21% in 2013)
A*-C - 56.6% (40.9% in 2013)
A*-E - 86.5% (73.7% in 2013)

Record breaking results!

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2013 GCSE Results

For the fifth year in a row, Bexleyheath Academy has secured record results at GCSE. On top of the record results seen at A-level last week, this has been an excellent seven days for the students and staff and just rewards for the huge amount of time and effort that went in from all concerned throughout the past twelve months. An amazing 99% achieved 5A*-C grades, up 6% on last year, every one of the 331 students secured 5A*-G, an improvement of 1%, whilst 61% secured 5A*-C inclusive of English and maths, up 9% from 2012.

We are so proud of this set of results in particular however as this year group has been through so much over the past six months after losing two of its students in Philip Lamin and Jamie-Leigh Lynch. To have to deal with two such traumatic situations at the beginning and in the middle of their key revision and actual examination period was a real challenge. However, the class of 2008-13 pulled together, looked after each other, stayed strong and came through these tragic times to do themselves, the Academy, their families and perhaps above all, Jamie-Leigh and Philip proud.

They are indeed a very special group of young people who have been extremely well led and looked after by their pastoral leads, Mrs Boswell and Mrs Bristow, and will without doubt go on to become extremely successful in their future careers. I am honoured to be associated with both this year group and their staff and feel these set of results are both well-earned and thoroughly deserved.

2013 A Level Results

Bexleyheath Academy students achieve record results in their A-level examinations. The headlines figures are as follows:

  • 27% A*-A (3% - 2010, 18% - 2011 and 23% - 2012)
  • 43% A*-B (24% - 2010, 35% - 2011 and 41% - 2012)
  • 74% A*-C (66% - 2012)
  • 97% A*-E (95% - 2012)

These results show an improvement in ALL key areas from previous years whilst record numbers of students secured places in Higher Education establishments across the country as well.

I am proud of all our students who worked so hard to achieve such tremendous results and would like to wish them every success in their future studies and employment. However, I am also extremely proud of all those members of staff who supported our A-level students throughout the course of their studies. Their dedication, time and input has without doubt contributed significantly to the tremendous success we saw today.

The final thank you goes to the parents and families of our students who have supported their children and our staff throughout the last two years. I have only known the students since January but they are an absolutely fabulous group of young people and are an absolute credit to you as well as themselves of course.


Roll of Honour - Class 2004 - 2011

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