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2016 Results

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 Year 13 results per entry
A* - A

 Year 13 results per entry
A* - B

  Year 13 results per entry
A* - C


  Year 13 results per entry
A* - E

  Year 11 English & Maths achieving A* - C
The percentage gaining the English Baccalaureate was 4.7%

 Year 11 expected levels of progress
Progress 8 = -0.28, Attainment 8 = 42.9C+


RECORD BREAKING SIXTH FORM RESULTS - AGAIN                                                                                Aug 2016

For the tenth year in a row, Bexleyheath Academy's Sixth Form outcomes have seen record results secured. Outgoing Principal Jan Atkinson was delighted with the results and said “Many congratulations to all Sixth Form students at Bexleyheath Academy. We have for the third year in succession seen an improvement in the grades of our Most Able students and a higher overall pass rate. It has been an absolute delight this morning to share student successes and their excitement at their future prospects as many look forward to University, Apprenticeships, Gap years and employment. My thanks to all students for their hard work and perseverance, to the sixth form team for their guidance and leadership and our wonderful teaching staff. To our parents, I would also like to offer thanks for engaging with the Academy and being there in the background to guide and nurture. We wish all students the very best of success, we are so very proud of you all.”

Whilst a significant number of students did exceptionally well, successes include Aishat Ali who achieved three A grades and is progressing to the University of Warwick to study Law. In reflecting on her time at the academy Aishat said “The Academy’s Ethos of Pride through Achievement has really helped me focus through my years here. I would like to thank all of the teachers that have supported me on my academic journey and the guidance that they have given me since year 7. I now look forward to my next steps studying Law and will remember the Academy fondly for the opportunities I have been given.”

We also have Kiruththika Manialagan and Gavinder Johal who both got D* D* D* who will be studying International Business and Marketing at the University of Kent. Jeevan Rihal (D* D* D* D) going to Brunel for Business Management and Marketing. Gurpreet Dingri (A D* D* C) who is off to the University of Greenwich to study Quantity Surveying. We also have Daniel Fryer (D* D* D* D*) who has accepted an apprenticeship from Trade Union Conference to do Finance.