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Record breaking results!

posted 28 Aug 2013, 01:34 by James Sims   [ updated 17 Oct 2013, 07:00 by ]
2013 GCSE Results

For the fifth year in a row, Bexleyheath Academy has secured record results at GCSE. On top of the record results seen at A-level last week, this has been an excellent seven days for the students and staff and just rewards for the huge amount of time and effort that went in from all concerned throughout the past twelve months. An amazing 99% achieved 5A*-C grades, up 6% on last year, every one of the 331 students secured 5A*-G, an improvement of 1%, whilst 61% secured 5A*-C inclusive of English and maths, up 9% from 2012.

We are so proud of this set of results in particular however as this year group has been through so much over the past six months after losing two of its students in Philip Lamin and Jamie-Leigh Lynch. To have to deal with two such traumatic situations at the beginning and in the middle of their key revision and actual examination period was a real challenge. However, the class of 2008-13 pulled together, looked after each other, stayed strong and came through these tragic times to do themselves, the Academy, their families and perhaps above all, Jamie-Leigh and Philip proud.

They are indeed a very special group of young people who have been extremely well led and looked after by their pastoral leads, Mrs Boswell and Mrs Bristow, and will without doubt go on to become extremely successful in their future careers. I am honoured to be associated with both this year group and their staff and feel these set of results are both well-earned and thoroughly deserved.

2013 A Level Results

Bexleyheath Academy students achieve record results in their A-level examinations. The headlines figures are as follows:

  • 27% A*-A (3% - 2010, 18% - 2011 and 23% - 2012)
  • 43% A*-B (24% - 2010, 35% - 2011 and 41% - 2012)
  • 74% A*-C (66% - 2012)
  • 97% A*-E (95% - 2012)

These results show an improvement in ALL key areas from previous years whilst record numbers of students secured places in Higher Education establishments across the country as well.

I am proud of all our students who worked so hard to achieve such tremendous results and would like to wish them every success in their future studies and employment. However, I am also extremely proud of all those members of staff who supported our A-level students throughout the course of their studies. Their dedication, time and input has without doubt contributed significantly to the tremendous success we saw today.

The final thank you goes to the parents and families of our students who have supported their children and our staff throughout the last two years. I have only known the students since January but they are an absolutely fabulous group of young people and are an absolute credit to you as well as themselves of course.


Roll of Honour - Class 2004 - 2011