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More Able and Talented Events

More Able and Talented Evening 2015

posted 9 Jun 2015, 05:21 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 4 Aug 2015, 08:48 ]

On the evening of Monday 6 July, Bexleyheath Academy held it's third More Able and Talented Showcase Evening.

Students had the opportunity to showcase a variety of their fantastic work. The evening was a huge success and included live music, presentations, Art exhibition and food. Also, a range of work was displayed from many of the departments and shown in various ways.

Parents, carers and visitors who visited the event were very complimentary and found the evening both impressive and entertaining.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank everyone involved in this extremely enjoyable occasion.

Mrs A Mack-Poole
More Able and Talented Lead

Mr Read’s Media and Film Club

posted 13 Apr 2015, 03:00 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 13 Apr 2015, 03:02 ]

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on producing a new horror film called ‘Revenge.’ It is about a boy who has been bullied and seeks revenge on the bullies. So far it has been really enjoyable and interesting.

Our film is still a work in progress but we hope to have the filming completed soon so we can start editing our footage. Anyone can come along and join in, and film club takes place on Thursday lunchtimes.

Joe Abbott
Year 7 Student

Year 11 Examination Revision Workshop

posted 13 Apr 2015, 02:28 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 13 Apr 2015, 02:42 ]

On Monday 23 March, Year 11 more able students were involved in an examination revision workshop led by Les Padfield.

The students gained skills in time management, planning and preparing for their GCSE examinations. They participated in group activities and had an opportunity to use their thinking skills. They were given many resources and handouts that they could take away with them for reference and future use. All of the students involved found the experience very worthwhile and had a productive and enjoyable day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of staff involved on the day who helped in making this session a success.

Mrs A Mack-Poole
More Able Lead

"Today was a useful motivator to get working towards exams"
"I enjoyed today. It helped me a lot with knowing how to revise and to relax when it comes to exams"
"This was a very good workshop as it explains different revision strategies and what usually distracts people. Some methods are better for different people"

Jack Petchey Speak Out Training

posted 13 Apr 2015, 02:12 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 13 Apr 2015, 02:29 ]

A number of Year 10 students have been involved in three different speak out training sessions, held with Chris Billington from the Speakers Trust.

The sessions were extremely successful in which the students gained invaluable experiences on speaking and listening skills. They had the opportunity to practice their speaking and listening skills throughout the day, which involved many practical activities which they all enjoyed.

Some quotes from the students include:
“The training helped me gain confidence in speaking in front of a large group”

“I thought I was rubbish at speaking but now I have gained confidence”

“I really enjoyed it and faced my fear of public speaking”

The sessions resulted in 6 finalists who will now compete against each other to represent our Academy in the Borough Final, to be held in Townley Grammar School on 28 April 2015.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the finalists good luck and I look forward to working with the winner to prepare them fully for the final.

In addition, one of our Year 11 students Ryan Hawkey, has been chosen to be part of the judging team for the final as he was the runner up last year, which is a fantastic opportunity for him.

Many thanks to all involved in making this possible for our students.

Mrs A Mack-Poole
More Able Lead

CPD Training into Classroom Practice

posted 29 Jan 2015, 02:31 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 2 Feb 2015, 03:56 ]

Firstly, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank staff for allowing me into their lessons. It was great to see the excellent work that has taken place since the CPD training session held in January, on stretching the more able students.

It is evident many strategies are already implemented in the lesson planning taken directly from the training session. These strategies clearly helped engage and motivate the students learning within the classroom. It is important to continue forward in this drive to stretch our more able students and I look forward to seeing how we further develop in this area in the future.

Many thanks again to all involved.

Mrs A Mack-Poole
More Able and Talented Lead

Young Reporters

posted 26 Jan 2015, 03:05 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 26 Jan 2015, 03:06 ]

Four Year 10 students have been selected to take part in the Young Reporters Challenge for Bexley’s local newspaper, the Newshopper. Every month, each student has to find an interesting topic about something current in the Borough of Bexley and write a report on their selected subject. The articles include: interviews, facts, opinions and pictures to go along with it.

This experience has been a privilege for me. It has helped me explore and discover things which take place in my local area. On the other hand, this scheme has benefited me academically, as it has encouraged me to develop my writing skills in English as well as other subjects across the board. To begin with, I found it difficult to find a different topic to write about each month. But, I soon got to grips with it and found it exciting to research about potential subjects which I could enjoy writing about. My previous articles for example, have mainly focused on the Mayor of Bexley’s outings and activities.

It is an amazing feeling knowing that my work is being published online, on one of the most famous reporting companies. I am very proud of the work that this programme has enabled me to take part in and publish. I hope that the Young Reporters programme will continue for other students on the on- coming years as it is a life time opportunity.

Brooke Nial 10GAL

More Able Student Staff Training Day

posted 20 Jan 2015, 10:41 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 26 Jan 2015, 03:02 ]

On Monday 5 January 2015, all the Academy's teaching staff took part in a training day aimed at improving their ability to work with and get the best out of our More Able cohort. This cohort has tripled in the past few years and is likely to keep on growing as our numbers continue to explode in terms of applications to join the Academy.

The day was led by a specialist external More Able deliverer and the feedback from colleagues has been extremely positive many of whom are looking to start implementing the many useful pieces of advice and techniques they picked up on the course into their lessons straight away!

Miss M Small
Assistant Vice Principal - Curriculum

The More Able and Talented Showcase Evening

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