Young Reporters

posted 26 Jan 2015, 03:05 by . WebResources Account   [ updated 26 Jan 2015, 03:06 ]
Four Year 10 students have been selected to take part in the Young Reporters Challenge for Bexley’s local newspaper, the Newshopper. Every month, each student has to find an interesting topic about something current in the Borough of Bexley and write a report on their selected subject. The articles include: interviews, facts, opinions and pictures to go along with it.

This experience has been a privilege for me. It has helped me explore and discover things which take place in my local area. On the other hand, this scheme has benefited me academically, as it has encouraged me to develop my writing skills in English as well as other subjects across the board. To begin with, I found it difficult to find a different topic to write about each month. But, I soon got to grips with it and found it exciting to research about potential subjects which I could enjoy writing about. My previous articles for example, have mainly focused on the Mayor of Bexley’s outings and activities.

It is an amazing feeling knowing that my work is being published online, on one of the most famous reporting companies. I am very proud of the work that this programme has enabled me to take part in and publish. I hope that the Young Reporters programme will continue for other students on the on- coming years as it is a life time opportunity.

Brooke Nial 10GAL